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About Me

The term code poet has always been a pretty accurate descriptor for me. I am a free spirit dives deep into social justice movements to maintain sanity after the daily grind. I have too many passions to count on all my toes but at the end of the day my computer is my lifeline. My code is art. My poetry is code. I want to change the world in both big and small ways and have done so already.


University of Illinos at Chicago, College of Engineering Major: Computer Science
Minor: Gender and Women Studies


January 2012 - Present Community Access Consultant
Digital Access Assistant

University of Illinois at Chicago Disability Resource Center

Summer 2012 Accessibility Developer Mozilla- OpenBadges, GSOC

December 2011-August 2012 Web Developer Praxis Ventures

Summer 2010 Database developer USCIS, Department of Privacy

October 2009 – December 2009 Web developer


PHP 10/10

HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery 10/10

SQL 9/10

Web accessibility (a11y) 5/10

Other Skills

Languages: Assembly, C++, C#, VB, .net

Libraries: jQuery, PHPMailer, RegEx, Smarty

Systems: Windows 2000-7, Ubuntu, CentOS, OSX

Competition Judge

A major invention, advancement and improvement that Hell City has made is the tattoo competitions and the way they are judged, scored and viewed by the attendees. Hell City is the first ever to develop a computerized judging system called "Competition Judge" which has brought tattoo competitions to a whole new level.

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  • Competition Judge Competition interface
  • Competition Judge Edit Competition interface
  • Competition Judge Edit Competition interface
  • Competition Judge Judging interface
  • Competition Judge Judging interface
  • Competition Judge MC interface
  • Competition Judge registration interface
  • Competition Judge registration interface
  • Competition Judge results interface


  • XAP interface
  • XAP interface
  • XAP interface
  • XAP interface

XAP started as a basic server monitor to reboot a halo server it crashed. After sometime it evolved into a powerful tool used for server administration. Not only does this reboot a server to maximize uptime, it interacts with players to create the community you want.


  • Monitors to ensure that servers are online and restarts them if they freeze or crash
  • You can notify a web site a server restart and tell the website server port is operating
  • Constantly checks the table of players and automatically starts when a player is above the specified ping
  • Monitors the movement of each player and automatically starts the players seem to be away from your computer (AFK players) to optimize the play space for new players
  • teams monitor and self kicking a player to change teams if unjustly
  • Can you tell a detailed information of the players when the player says " statistics"
  • Provides easy administration kickability simply saying (via text) and no part of the name of the players
  • Gives players the option to skip the map by voting at the start of each game
  • Traitors can boot automatically to prevent cd key bans
  • Allows you to configure a list of insults and automatically alerts or kicking a player who insults too (in several languages)
  • Multithreaded to run smoothly on multiple servers
  • sv_say easy sv_end_game and custom commands broadcast to all servers
  • Allows you to set clan tags to avoid " phonies" - forced to adminadd
  • complete database integration option for the player tracking
  • Ipbanning through databases
  • Restart ipban PeerBlock after (and after x minutes)
  • Maxplayers Force and private server (for hosting) (+ 16)
  • Managing remote access (telnet to the server for options)

  • Initial release
  • Fixed sv_say rcon command crash
  • Made auto reboot optional
  • Made output window cleaner
  • Fixed tabbing order
  • Added sv_say message broadcasting to all servers
  • Added sv_end_game broadcasting to all servers
  • Stabalized server rebooting
  • Fixed? weird reboot issue... will monitor
  • Added ip/advanced player info
  • Removed .609 software requirement
  • Changed XSA to XAP
  • Added text based admin adding/commands so admins arent kicked
  • Change process definition(internal) to:
  • Allow for program upgrades without rebooting servers
  • Non admin "stats?" command
  • Admin "nokick" command
  • Broadcast message intervals
  • Logging of players
  • Layout change
  • Bug fix in admin commands
  • .hmu drag+drop execute
  • Fixed error in message broadcast.
  • Fix in name based admin commands
  • Fix ping typo
  • Fix nokick
  • Fix in tcp socket
  • Stabalized shutdown
  • Added remembering admins between games
  • !!Stable admin commands!! yay =]
  • Broadcast-> Custom command
  • "Silent" admin commands
  • Resume from upgrade crash fix
  • Kick on uneven teamswitch (after warning)
  • Custom Halo Console title
  • Fix admin text commands
  • Fix in ip information- ips have been off
  • Layout redesign
  • Betray kick
  • Logfile rotation fix
  • Fix start all servers
  • Fix crash resulting from admin commands on numerical names
  • Add admin command logging
  • (spent 6 hours) Rewriting class to be thread safe- fixing crash
  • Fix in applying settings (issues when no broadcast message set)
  • Fix in log file re selection
  • Factor typing into afk kick
  • In game stats based on gametype
  • No "skip map" on upgrade
  • New version notify
  • Added admin "stats #"
  • Stats for slayer, oddball and king added/ctf fixed
  • Quick start all servers
  • duplicate server
  • Remember stats between upgrades/saves
  • Fix (xap)crash- currently unknown cause
  • "Graceful" game closing(sv_end_game)
  • Mapswitch vote
  • only one teamswitch warning for game
  • Fix remembering admins between games
  • Logfile opening fix
  • Insulting name kick
  • Added copy all non server stats to easily duplicate settings
  • Insult Kicking/Warning
  • Fix bug in non http servers
  • Fix false offline reboots
  • Fix in admin commands- ignore case for names
  • Remove save one monitor
  • Fix duplicate monitor- dont duplicate count info
  • Fix in insult kick
  • Hook already running server
  • Advanced stats
  • File based insult management
  • File based server stats sending
  • Fix in betray kick
  • Fix in applying numeric settings
  • Fix in upgrade autosave location
  • Fix in close monitor
  • Remote management (telnet)
  • aa (adminadd) shortcut command
  • Ipban (when database attached)
  • fix in getting ip for advanced stats
  • Fix in admin commands when server is rebooted
  • Fix in name kick (capitals)
  • Fix in name kick (loading from config file)
  • Fix in rcon command with unicode characters (past 0xff now appear as ?)
  • Disable auto refresh in advanced stats- allows for easier ip getting
  • Clantag kicking- require adminadd for people using your clan tag
  • Force maxplayers
  • Force private
  • Cut back to only one filetype
  • Remote management auto start
  • Added donate button to website so people stop bothering me about it
  • Fix in say teamswitch
  • Remote reboot/shutdown/startup
  • Mapvote logic update- split or ignore no votes
  • Fix logfile errors
  • Peerblock auto reboot
  • Fix in rebooting.
  • Fix in save insult file
  • Allow no title change
  • Fix "this version" button
  • Remove "apply next reboot"
  • Fix in rebooting.
  • Fix in rebooting.
  • Added auto logfile init to curb admin errors
  • Added "names like" command
  • Added "getinfo" command
  • Added catch all error handling. Makes it easier to debug issues
  • Various other fixes
  • dont require say teamswitch for teamswitch kick
  • Add prefix setting to database
  • Fix for win2k3 (ram info causes crash)
  • Fix in remote xml parsing
  • Change sql
  • fix in ip getting
  • fix in reboots (oops, stop didnt really stop it. my bad)
  • Hide console window
  • Anti rcon brute force
  • Xap redesign
  • Created installer/uninstaller :)

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