dia de la vida

To the disabled, from life to death
To the ones we left disassembled on operating tables and
Forgotten at the bottom of stairways
Stuck on the curbs with no cutaways
I've been trying to set you free
It is wrong to do so
But they
They’ve been stealing glances and
Plotting to sacrifice you to their gods
They’ve been sharpening their pitchforks
Your disabilities on your ancestors
It’s all just stigma
Its some tiny difference that changed the way we are
Some moment in time or chemical reaction that didn’t quite come out right
And now we suffer
We have suffered
We will suffer because they
Made the choices for us
They pulled the plug before we had a chance to scream
And placed us in institutions with walls as thicker than their skulls
How am I suppose to identify, with that
And I write this in memorial
In hopes that our crippled feet drag lines through cement to mark the places where they killed us
Raped us
Piled our bodies higher that pyramids

To myself, from life to death
I am not a survivor
They tell me it is wrong to be one
because it's not about survival
it's about acceptance
but how can I accept the things I purposefully forgot
I need to breathe
I died years ago
I was buried alive
I killed myself
I was resurrected
I escaped from that unholy place and dared to call myself a survivor
I am a victim
I am tired of being told not to be one
Just let me rest in peace

There is no escape
I cannot escape myself