On a dream

I dreamt of you last night
It wasn't really something I had intended to do but
it was beautiful
more beautiful than anything I could have scripted in a lifetime
more delicate than a baby in a cradle
we danced
our bodies shared one rythum
our fingers tied knots around eachother
it's a good thing I was a boyscout once
I tied them so they would never come loose and
we explored eachother like some unknown cave
we got lost in it
we found ourselves

on a bed
I laid my head on your chest
and I was listeninig to the sounds of the ocean
drownding in this lust
I dove into the deepest parts of you
I examined every cell as though you were a magnificent coral reef
I lost my breath
I found my heart
It was tucked beneath your left breast
I left it there
just in case you need it some day

and as you lay there before me I imagined you were royalty
I worshiped you
I found ways to give you goosebumps
then read them like braille
they formed cryptic messages I decoded with my tounge
stories of love
the things we desired
we craved eachother

I explored your existence
your skin was a desert
made of silk
and I was stranded for a lifetime
I hallucinated these kisses
this lust
I never wanted it to end

when I awoke I hoped to find you in my arms
but i knew that wouldn't happen for some time
so i took that dream and tucked it in a poem
just in case it comes true one day