he calls her a tiger
an animal
and I- wonder what type of metaphor he was trying to imply
was it the sexy innocent cat that turned into a ferocious beast in bed or
a woman with too much facial hair?
either way i found it degrading.
he turned such a work of art into a caged animal.

while she- took it as inspiration
a challenge
she is an artist after all and
her body is her canvas
it's wiped clean every night in the shower
and its taken on many forms.
they are perserved in our memories
they are cherished

who couldn't be inspired by this?
and I ask her to do me next
to free this soul from this crippled body
i am caged like that tiger
i do not belong here
i do not deserve to be trapped
set me free

she stares into the distance
I will never know what it is she seeks
and with each breath I can hear that heart crack into finer and finer pieces
I wish I could hold it together
but I lost the will to hold myself together years ago

I suppose not every masterpiece will make it to a gallery
that space is reserved for the fortunte but
here in my arms
she would be adored
ever second of every day
she would be a dream come true
but I- would not be worthy