what does mental health/mental illness mean to you?

mental health
is something we all struggle with
something we all fear and scare back inside of us
deny its existence
we bury these pains and misunderstandings in the backs of our minds
they are treasures
they poison our water
they fertilize our crops 
and affect every aspect of our lives

to be alive
to live
to cope
is something sacred
more sacred than any god
it is seen as blasphemy
invisible it creeps through veins that are sliced open if the sickness is not removed
i am not sick
i am human
a daydream
a night terror

we are misunderstood
we are misunderstood
we are missed if we are gone but
ignored when we are alive
mental health or mental illness
you are mental
you live in your own mind
let us in
show us the fire exit so we can leave quickly
in a straight line 
you are mental
you are ill
you are health
you are life.