and she-
she's been painting herself into a million new faces
trying to find the one that fits best
it is art
it is what she dreams of:
becoming something he would admire and maybe even cherish

all she wants is love
for that man she lost centuries ago to come back and hold her
make her feel whole
feel something.

we all know that feeling too well
when you see him
and he only sees shadows
memories of what you once thought existed


he calls her a tiger
an animal
and I- wonder what type of metaphor he was trying to imply
was it the sexy innocent cat that turned into a ferocious beast in bed or
a woman with too much facial hair?
either way i found it degrading.
he turned such a work of art into a caged animal.

while she- took it as inspiration
a challenge
she is an artist after all and
her body is her canvas
it's wiped clean every night in the shower
and its taken on many forms.
they are perserved in our memories
they are cherished

First love.

all you need is love
all you need is someone to hold,
she told me so as we laid beneath that summer tree
she said you need the kind that stops hearts if ends
that's how you know it is real
because you stop breathing
because your skin turns cold
your heart shrivels
the places where his hands once fit are lost as your body goes limp

she told me it was real
and to this day, I continue to wonder if she needed CPR

On a dream

I dreamt of you last night
It wasn't really something I had intended to do but
it was beautiful
more beautiful than anything I could have scripted in a lifetime
more delicate than a baby in a cradle
we danced
our bodies shared one rythum
our fingers tied knots around eachother
it's a good thing I was a boyscout once
I tied them so they would never come loose and
we explored eachother like some unknown cave
we got lost in it
we found ourselves

Graphic novel for an english class

[soundcloud id='78582486' color='#ff7700']

It starts as a love story
where her voice filled my brain at the darkest times
and in return I made it rain for her.
Transformed tsunamis into summertime dances with two left feet and left-
thousands of raindrops kissing innocent cheeks.
We were flooded.
She was beautiful and I- captured the moments in tiny boxes so I would never forget them.
I made it rain for her today, and as each drop steamed on bare skin we danced.
And I wished it lasted eternity, so it did

what does mental health/mental illness mean to you?

mental health
is something we all struggle with
something we all fear and scare back inside of us
deny its existence
we bury these pains and misunderstandings in the backs of our minds
they are treasures
they poison our water
they fertilize our crops 
and affect every aspect of our lives


just one more pack
I get glares from my friends because I quit long ago but
Just two more packs
Just one more year of school eating me alive
I will not let you win
I can not let you win

dia de la vida

To the disabled, from life to death
To the ones we left disassembled on operating tables and
Forgotten at the bottom of stairways
Stuck on the curbs with no cutaways
I've been trying to set you free
It is wrong to do so
But they
They’ve been stealing glances and
Plotting to sacrifice you to their gods
They’ve been sharpening their pitchforks
Your disabilities on your ancestors
It’s all just stigma
Its some tiny difference that changed the way we are

facebook friends

I saw her tonight,
that girl I had so delicately avoided for what seems like the last century
and I felt- knives stab through my heart.

she was exactly as I remember.
Hair- black as night and
eyes- painted with some mystery I dreamt of discovering.
I wonder if her wrists still held the scars.

Stolen profile

I stole this from a dating website, made some tweaks and added line breaks. Deal with it.
I really wanted to write a witty self-summary
something creative
something that would blow your mind and make you roll off the surface of the planet, but-
it seems like I can't.
It's unlikely I will ever make you roll off the surface of anything, really.
And you should be glad about that