Projects and work


Gamerscoalition is a gaming community I joined in 2011 that finds value in clean, fair gaming. I decided to volunteer my services to implement custom functionality and manage the website and servers.


Some things I accomplished:


QTHLM is a dedicated game server monitor built in QT. It is meant to be a cross-platform, open source tool to manage and interact with gameservers.

While it is still in development, the initial versions will support SRCDS based game servers with plans to expand to other games in the future.


Core features will include server pinging/information and RCON (Remote Console) for server management- assuming the server supports it.


XAP started as a basic server monitor to reboot a halo server it crashed. After sometime it evolved into a powerful tool used for server administration. Not only does this reboot a server to maximize uptime, it interacts with players to create the community you want.

Competition Judge

A major invention, advancement and improvement that Hell City has made is the tattoo competitions and the way they are judged, scored and viewed by the attendees. Hell City is the first ever to develop a computerized judging system called "Competition Judge" which has brought tattoo competitions to a whole new level.